Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mommy Break

On Tuesday I had "one of those days".  It had now been 11 days stuck at home potty training.  I know this will pay off in the long run but it is making both Marleigh and me CRAZY!!  The day started with lil M waking up in a fowl mood...crying, screaming and just plain grumpy.  I was in an average mood with the aftermath of 6 months pregnant weighing on my shoulders.  Now so far, Marleigh has been dominating potty training and we are so proud of her! 
Today, Marleigh regressed and decided to simply pee wherever, whenever she wanted...peeing on the carpet, in the laundry room, computer room and foyer.  She would announce "I'm peeing" and then try to clean it up after but by the 4th time I was like "Marleigh what are you doing?".  She would point to her little potty and tell me that is where she should go but I guess she thought peeing elsewhere would add a little excitement to our day.  It sure did...ugh. 
Lunch - she wanted a hot dog with ketchup to dip.  She looked so adorable with a ketchup mustache until she decided to kiss the cream couch over an over again leaving little red ketchup lip marks all over the arm rest.  I am aware that these are stories I will laugh about later (in fact, I laugh about it now only 2 days later) but at the time it was anything but funny.
5 o'clock - time to go pick up our new van...yes you read that correctly, we have invested in a family's happening...and secretly I love it!  (Toyota Sienna I named Ruby).  5pm not being the most ideal time to leave the house as it's pretty close to dinner but we couldn't help the timing.  Marleigh tries the potty (nothing) and I put a pair of pants on her, grab my wallet and run out the door.  We arrive at the Toyota dealership and are in awe of our shiny new family member.  Marleigh instantly starts climbing all through it.  The shine dulls a bit and is replaces with little finger smears - which I think is quite cute.  I don't realize that "picking up your new van" is a 45 minute process - that's totally not going to fly with Miss M.  As the sales rep begins his explanation of every crevice of the vehicle Marleigh stops dead in her tracks in the middle of the showroom and proceeds to pee her pants.  Of course, I only brought my wallet-nothing else- so we remove her pants, wipe up the urine off of the showroom floor and now have a 1/2 naked 2 year old running around Toyota.  Sales rep proceeds to take a picture of the happy family with their new van.  Barry and Jodi smiling and Marleigh (1/2 naked) screaming her face off.  Ok, I'm done...time to go home.  I make arrangements to come back for the 45 minute lecture another day.  Barry struggles (what a nightmare) to strap hangry, 1/2 naked Marleigh into her car seat in the back of this new (strange) van.  At this time she is shrieking, kicking, flailing etc.  I put the van into drive and it won't move.  So I roll the window down and ask the sales rep if there is an emergency break on that I'm not noticing.  I am holding back my own tears and frustration at this time.  He and Barry share a smirk and proceed to suggest that I turn the vehicle ON before trying to drive. F******%%%ck!  I'm an idiot but their smirks make me want to get out and punch them both in the face.  So I drive out with music blaring, air con on full blast and Marleigh shrieking in the background. 
Once home, Marleigh calms down...eventually and we eat dinner.  Mid dinner I phone my mom and inform her that I will not be bringing Marleigh to Calgary the next day with me because I need a break.  Mom puts on her best sad voice and says "oh I just bought her some fruit and veggies and dip", making me feel like a horrible mom for even suggesting a break.  May I remind her and myself that the only reason I am coming up to Calgary is for my monthly ultrasound for baby...not for a 'visit'.  So I have a true toddler tantrum myself, throw the phone across the room and run upstairs crying.  Apparently I had reached my threshold.  I turn my cell phone on and try to continue a Words With Friends game I have going on with my brother - I am finally beating him for once....I'm excited that this could be my first win against him.  Sure as Sh*&T, he gets a 63 point word and is now beating me.  Not realizing how ridiculous I am behaving, I start crying even harder (if that was even possible).  Barry and Marleigh come to see how I'm doing and Marleigh says "Mommy's sad, she's crying".  Ok, now I REALLY feel like a terrible mom.  She hugs me and eventually I come out of my slump and continue to conduct myself like an adult. 
My most amazing husband takes 2 days off of work (vacation days) to stay home with Marleigh and potty train so I can go to Calgary for my ultrasound in peace and quiet. 
I had the opportunity to meet a really great friend for dinner last night, I'm currently sitting in Starbucks awaiting a coffee date with another friend and will be meeting one of my besties for lunch.  Feeling slightly guilty for having "fun" while Barry is at home using his vacation days to do my job.  But like he said, we are a family and this is what you do for each other.  I was using my holidays to stay at home potty training too and that's just what we do. 
I am so lucky to share my life with such an incredibly supportive husband. 

1 day away from the chaos and I find myself anxious to get home to see Barry and Marleigh!  Sometimes I just need a hand and I am learning that it is okay to ask for help and take a BREAK :)

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