Thursday, 21 November 2013

Aspyn Joy Smith

November 9, 2013:
Shortly after Marleigh Bear went down for a nap I decided to have a nap myself (knowing that peaceful nap times were soon to be over for me).  Once I laid down I felt a bit of a trickle between my legs.  Now, not too concerned at first since I had recently overcome an 8 week illness where when I coughed so hard, my bladder muscles couldn't keep up and would leak urine every so often.  So, I figured that I had once again peed a little and thought nothing of it and continue to enter my slumber.  Moments later I felt more of a trickle...and then more and more and more.  I called Barry into the room and stated that I thought my water was breaking.
    Earlier in the week, at my 1 of many Dr. appointments I was advised to go straight to the hospital when and if my water breaks.  Likely because Marleigh came fast and I was already 3cm dilated.  So my earth angel Erin came by and picked up Marleigh and Barry and I went off to the hospital.  It was confirmed that yes indeed my water had "sprung a leak" (verbatim Dr. Davies).  So I was sent home to see what would happen naturally and if nothing progressed by 8am on November 10th then I would be induced.  I recall many people saying that every labour story is different so don't count on your first experience to be any sort of precursor of what's to come this time.  So far though, the experience was very familiar.
   Since Marleigh was in good (correction - great) hands we decided to take advantage of the free time and go for dinner.  While at Firestone, I started to have contractions....10 minutes apart.  I was thrilled that things were starting up on their own.  After dinner we went home to watch a movie and my contractions continued...10 min, 8 min, 6 minutes apart.  We were convinced that baby girl was coming in the middle of the night.  At about 12:30 am my contractions were slowing down.  Now 20-30 minutes apart.  At 3am they had completely!  So I went to sleep and awaited the inevitable induction.

November 10, 2013:
8am: We arrive at Chinook Regional Hospital.  9am - Petocin drip begins.  I went into this experience with a bit more openness to the idea of having an epidural.  I had Marleigh naturally and was glad I did but was very nervous to feel that intensity again.  BUT, I thought I would see how far I could get this time naturally again.  11:30am I decided I was ready for an epidural.  The anesthesiologist was in a bowel surgery at that time so I had to hold off.  So, I chose to have some morphine...which did nothing.  by 12:15pm I was practically begging for an epidural.  Our AMAZING nurse went to check on the status of the anesthesiologist.  I was told that he would be able to help me out in about a half an hour.  So, over the next 30 minutes I breathed and glottal moaned through some crazy intense contractions while watching each minute pass on the clock (I like to torture myself).  1pm the anesthesiologist arrives to give me my epidural.  I sit up on the bed with my back curved like a cat awaiting this magical epidural.  As the Dr is meticulously lining up the epidural I am pushing baby.  Certainly not intentionally but I can't help it and I can feel her moving through the birth canal.  First, crazy pressure in  my rectum and then even lower where I can feel pressure in my pelvis.  Clearly, my pushing and tension is making it more difficult for the Dr. to get the epidural in but I am staying still in my desperate attempt to get some pain relief.  The epidural is successfully inserted at 1:22pm.  I swing my legs onto the table and the nurse asks me to open my legs so they can check to see how dilated I am.  Upon opening my legs I instantly feel a familiar/devastating release.  Yup, I proceed to poop all over the deliver table.  The nurse has a look of shock on her face and I think it's because of the poo monsoon I've just created but instead she shouts down the hall for Dr. Davie as baby girl was already crowning. Dr. Davie promptly slips into his gown and calmly asks me to push.  Then moments later another push and TADA, our baby enters the world.  Yup, that's right...2 pushes...that's it!  I look down at her and say the only thing that came to mind in my shocking state..."Holy Shit"...(literally...ugh).  Barry missed her coming out as neither of us expected it to come that fast.
    Aspyn Joy Smith entered this beautiful world at 1:26pm on November 10th.  The anesthesiologist comes to my bedside and says, "well, your epidural will kick in in about 5 minutes".  Bah!  So, I successful received an epidural this labour, however; it was a little too late to be effective!  4 hours and 26 minutes of labour, no tearing, no stitches, no swelling, minimal bleeding.  All I can say is that I truly believe my body likely isn't built for fashion (as it isn't the 'prettiest') but instead is built for function (does what it's meant to do)!