Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thoughts at 32

Well, I'm part way through my 32nd week of pregnancy and oodles of thoughts consume my mind these days...

- it's 3:30am and I am awake because I'm just too uncomfortable to sleep
- in 8 short weeks we are going to meet our beautiful little girl
- I was 10 days early with Marleigh so we could meet her as soon as 6 weeks from now
- I am ready to have my body back
- my brain is allowing me to remember labour and that doesn't excite me
- I'm dedicated to making the next weeks as special as I can for our current family of 3
- the nesting has begun
- I am so excited to meet our little angle
- I'm nervous to learn of the struggles that come along with Down syndrome, although I welcome everything!
- I'm tired...all the time
- my tiger stripes are new this pregnancy and surprisingly I'm okay with that
- loving oranges, carrots and milk these days
- did I mention that I'm tired....like really tired?!