Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Do You Believe in Magic

True, the miracle of childbirth is nothing short of pure magic; however, the process leading up to the arrival of your sweet little bundle of joy can be the complete opposite.  For some moms, the glow of pregnancy starts at conception and continues on until baby arrives...lucky moms.  But for some of us it's....well...awful.  My intent here is not to sound whiney or ungrateful but instead to validate the very real experience pregnancy is for me.

So, started the first few months off with loads of nausea and vomiting partnered with complete exhaustion.  At the time I was teaching Kindergarten and all of those smells that come along with little kids was quite torturous!  Forcing a smile on my face every day, trying to hide the fact that I felt like death was upon me. A tough feat but I made it.

Second trimester I was actually starting to feel better, not great, but better.  Sadly, I was beginning to notice that my maternity clothes I wore for Marleigh were no longer fitting and I had to cough up a bunch more moula to fit into something decent.  Oh and summer had arrived so heat and pregnancy become my worst nightmare.  Lots of sleepless nights on the couch trying to regulate my body temperature.  Was really starting to notice baby's movements and was very excited!  Having another girl is very exciting but that also means that baby girl likes to sit directly below my ribs and kick upwards.  Cute at first, painful as time passes.  There have been a few times that I've had to gently guide her away from my ribs with a little shove downward...don't judge!

Third trimester has arrived and brought with it more exhaustion.  I find that I only have enough energy in a day to do a few things and then I need a break.  Feeling quite pathetic.  Tummy is getting bigger as baby grows.  Painting toes, tying shoes, carrying Marleigh, getting out of the vehicle in a parking lot, etc. are all becoming significantly more difficult.  HEARTBURN...ugh!  Heartburn is becoming my biggest nemesis...creating more sleepless nights.  Uncomfortable all the time, especially in bed.  When I roll over I look, feel, sound like a beached walrus crying out for help.  Nerves in my lower back are being stretched more as my hips get ready for labour, leaving radiating pain through my gluts.  I've begun to notice a mild shift of my weight from one foot to the other when I walk...otherwise referred to as "waddling"...yup, it's begun.  And perhaps the best of the worst, bladder control issues.  While at the farmers market last weekend, I took Marleigh to the washroom to use the potty (she's rocking the potty training). Upon completing assistance for the potty I stand up and walk towards the toilet for my own sake.  At that time I notice that perhaps I no longer need the washroom as it is apparent that I have already released my my pants...without even the slightest awareness.  I try to convince myself that perhaps my water has broken, surely I couldn't have just peed my pants without knowing.  Nope, amniotic sack in tact, baby still growing, mom needing to invest in some "poise" or "depends".

I am thrilled, excited, anxious to meet our little girl soon (perhaps not soon enough)