Monday, 10 November 2014

What Joy, What Fun, Our Little Bean Has Just Turned One!!

One year ago today, our family and friends were blessed with the arrival of sweet baby Aspyn Joy!  As I type this at 8:30am, I reflect on a year- to-date when I calmly walked into the hospital, prepared (as best one can) to be induced and meet our baby girl.  I remember the hospital being very calm and quiet and as the nurse administered my IV I watched the sky fill with beautifully glistening snowflakes...emulating the beauty and joy of what was to come!  As contractions began and increased at a rather rapid rate, I would look up and out of the window to watch the earth get blanketed with snow...naturally putting me in my winter happy place! A few short hours later I held in my arms a stunningly beautiful (yet quite purple) baby girl.  Perfect in every way possible.  I looked into those captivating brown eyes of hers and my heart has forever been altered.

Some of my favourite memories from this year:

- how lucky we are to have a baby who has slept through the night since day 1
- Aspyn's strength and patience as Mommy and Daddy do their best to insert and remove her NG tubes. 
- those SMILES!!!  They are endless and heart warming!
- watching two sisters fall madly in love!
- rocking our socks for World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st)
- getting connected with Upside Down in LA - a wonderful family support group
- realizing that we are all more alike than different
- warrior baby as she endures monthly RSV shots, and various specialist appointments
- FRIENDSHIP - we are surrounded by the best village!!
- tiny fingers, tiny toes, cute little feet!
- endless baby snuggles
- getting hooked up through Au Pair World and connecting with the most incredible caregiver, Miss Teneal!!
- learning to be emotionally available for both of my girls.
- having the greatest OT, Specch Path and Physiotherapist who are all dedicated and in love with our little lady.
- constantly learning and being an advocate for inclusive communities.
- realizing that true love isn't something you can describe, it's just something you feel!  And when you find it, it feels sooooooooooo great!

Love you baby A! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  Here's to the memories, excited for what's to come!!

Happy First Birthday Aspyn!