Tuesday, 6 August 2013

It only makes you stronger...

I can only describe my first year as a mother as being INTENSE.  Marleigh was a great baby and watching her grow was such a true joy.  However, Barry and I encountered a very trying time in our marriage only a few short months after we welcomed lil' M to this world. 
I can honestly say that I lived through a darkness I never knew/wanted/thought I could ever survive.  Thank you to all of our friends and family who were open ears and arms for both of us and allowed us to make our mistakes, learn from them and grow into the truly stable/strong couple that we are today.  There were moments when I thought not being 'here' would be better than weathering the storm that was life but somewhere deep down (a depth I didn't even know existed in me), and endless counseling, communication, honesty and hope, I got through the most trying months of my life.  I certainly don't wish this sort of struggle upon even my worse enemy but I don't regret it.  I am so very proud and grateful of the person I have become, the strength I now pass on to Marleigh, the love and compassion I have for/with Barry through accepting that all humans are capable of mistakes (me included), that forgiveness is a choice that we choose to make each and every day, that marriage is less about the perfect love and more about the willingness to never give up on the spirit of another human being, and that no one ever said life was going to be easy....but it will always be worth it.  (I'm sure that is a huge comma splice...eek, writing 1000 comes back to haunt me!)
In the midst of this learning curve the opportunity to move to Lethbridge arose and within 1 month of casually talking about our 5 year plan of moving back to Lethbridge we had moved.  January 23rd we took ownership of our new home.  Still very uncertain of life at this time, I chose to trust the journey and take things day by day.  We absolutely love living in Lethbridge and we love our home--a place where Marleigh learned to crawl, eat solid foods, climb stairs (over and over again), walk, brush her teeth, and now potty train.  All of which truly make a place a home!

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